Rise of Nations

I'm Bored

Rallo sat exhausted at his table looking over the various dossiers he had made about potential talent for his ring. Unfortunately, talent was a little limited in the small town of Pilgrims Landing.
“Well, if I need corn I know who to talk to” he grumbled as he tossed the papers down.
Defeated, he leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes, and contemplated the viability of training the local wildlife. Until a familiar voice shocked him back to reality.
“Something wrong brother?” came a voice from behind.
“Oh-uh-Hey Lillyn,” he stuttered as he was frantically picking up his papers, “What’s up? Is everything ok? Did you need something? Is someone bugging you?”
“Calm down, I’m fine. What’re you working on there?” she inquired while trying to look over Rallos shoulder.
“Oh these are just some pre-made eulogies that Pavel asked for to make funeral prep faster.”
“Are you going to tell me what they really are or do I have to beat you up?” Lillyn sat down opposite Rallo with a smirk on her face.
Rallo chuckled “It’s work stuff, don’t worry about it.”
Lillyn leaned forward resting her elbows on the table. “Rallo, I know what you do for these guys, why won’t you let me help you?”
Rallo sighed.
“Lillyn, it’s dangerous.”
“Nothing I haven’t seen before.”
“I can’t protect you out there.”
“I can take care of myself.”
“I SAID NO LYLLIN!” Rallo pounded the table causing Lillyn to jump.
“When those bastards took you, I was afraid I lost you guys forever,” Rallo stood up and begun pacing around, “I searched other nations for anyone willing to help me, and when nobody would I made myself sound so amazing people would want to be around me. I searched the forest for bandits that could have ties to the corpse howlers and when I found one, I forced him to help me find the rest of gang. When he did, I gathered the toughest people I knew and we stormed that compound and took out an army to get to you. I staved off death- twice! And if I had to, I would have marched on hell itself to get you back. Now you’re asking me to put you back out there…. I won’t do it!”
He turned hoping to see how moved she was by his speech.

He was unpleasantly surprised.

Instead of a sympathetic and understanding Lillyn sitting at the table crying in realization, there was a stern-faced, arms crossed, Lillyn standing in front of him. Rallo shifted uncomfortably at this realization.

“Are you finished? You know, your family isn’t alive right now because of silly Rallo heroics. I did a lot of work on the inside making sure people thought we were important and useful. Until that Lissia showed up, we were all pretty safe considering our situation.”

Rallo stood silent. He hadn’t really considered his sisters resourcefulness and now he felt like dirt. She walked up to Rallo and looked him dead in the eyes.
“You’re going to make me your first spy.” she stated.
“……I’m going to make you my first spy.” he replied.
Lilly smiled and relaxed a bit
“And I get a travel budget.”
Rallo groaned
“And. I. Get. A. Travel Budget.” she repeated.
“And a mansion!”
Rallo glowered at her. She snickered and jabbed him with an elbow.
“Fine fine! I know when to cut my losses.”
Rallo smiled and chuckled. He turned to Lillyn exaggerating a military salute with an overly intense look on his face.
“Ms. Lillyn, welcome to whatever-I-decide-to-call-this intelligence agency”
Lillyn laughed and returned the salute with the same fake conviction. They both sat back down and began coming up with ideas for what is rapidly becoming a family business.


The Pilgrim Cartel. Awesome!

Well done!

(And if you actually want to come up with some sample eulogies, Pavel accepts all the help he can get…at least until he gets a housecarl)

I'm Bored

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