Rise of Nations

Officially Regal

Fin's Coat of Arms

“Do you have a moment, your majesty?” Pavel asked as he approached his friend.
“For cryin’ out loud, Pavel. There’s nobody about. Ye can call me Fin, lad.” The king replied, “What’s on yer mind?”
“After meeting with Varn, I realized that you don’t display your family crest. It would be best to have it on display at the palace. It makes things seem more…” He stumbled for the proper words for a moment, “…more official.”
Fin smiled to himself, “So you think it would be more impressive to the fancy rich folk yer gettin’ hitched to?”
“Something like that.” Pavel sheepishly replied.
Fin guffawed and slapped Pavel on the back, “I’ll get with Johannes and well work one up.”
Pavel was astonished. “Wait. You mean you don’t have one?”
“Nae, lad. Me family are of barbarian blood. We have no use for the fancy frillies of those that think themselves better than the rest.”
“Your majesty, I wasn’t suggesting that one family is better than another. I was just…”
Fin’s laughter cut him off, “Yer too easy, lad.”
Over supper, Fin brought the idea to the attention of Sofia and Johannes.
“That’s an excellent idea, Fin. As king you should have a crest. I’ll have something for you tomorrow.”
At lunch on the following day Johannes presented Fin with his design idea.
“Looks good, lad. I like the Elk, as that is the clan I’m from. And the bird, HA! Is that the bird god coming for Raulo?” The king asked.
“Make your jokes, Fin!” Raulo warned, “The bird god is coming and I can hide better than you!”
Amused by Fin’s exuberance and Raulo’s caution he replied, “No, Fin. The eagle symbolizes protection, noble nature, action, power and strength.”

“Aye, well that’s fittin’ fer sure. And the crown’s a nice touch as well.”
“You are the king.” Johannes replied, “The use of the emerald color is to exemplify the greenbelt and the lush foliage native to our land. The cerulean chevron is to exemplify the virtues of loyalty and strength.”
“Yeah, and there kind of pretty, too. Nice work, lad.” The king complimented, “Pavel! Do ye think this will suffice to properly impress yer in-laws?”
“I’m sure it will be fine, your highness.”


Superb job! I’m certain that Ataline and my future in-laws will all be quite impressed, as am I. Proud to be in the service of House Finneous! Long live the king!

Officially Regal

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