Rise of Nations

Pavel's Journal

(Sometimes it's NOT so good to be the king)

Pavel’s Journal – 5th of Neth

The king’s animosity for me has begun to fade, as have the bruises on his face thanks to Sofiya’s divine talents. Personally, I think that the remaining nasal swelling imparts a regal quality to the King’s profile, though it seems I am alone in this opinion. It is my sincere hope that our friendship will heal as well (or better) than the King’s nose.

At the behest on my colleagues, I have dismissed my houseboy Rudibert (with a healthy severance of 5gp) and explained to the young man that in no way does his dismissal reflect on the way he has discharged his duties. I spoke briefly with the boy’s parents before leaving on this excursion and explained that, while no impropriety is present, the council requests that an official of my title should avoid even the suggestion or rumor of unprofessional behavior. I also expressed my desire that the small stipend I’ve provided be used to begin the boy’s education in a trade or to start a program of religious study.

To replace him, I have formally requested a housecarl from the realm, to be chosen through the council and cleared by the Pilgrim as free of closeted skeletons. In this way I hope to gain a much-needed assistant without the speculation that surrounded my previous appointment.

In the interest of spreading the goodwill inherent in our chosen Gods throughout the community, I have initiated talks with Declan and Father Jubil concerning ministries and services that we can provide to all residents through our respective churches. For the church of Pharasma, I have spoken with several congregation members about a midwifery service to help those born in Finnland to arrive healthy and happy, as well as a funeral service to aid those who pass on in Finnland to be interred in accordance with their wishes and religious customs. I have requested a small fund from the treasury be setup to assist these services, but I am prepared to provide or supplement the funds provided from my own purse if necessary.



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