Adalheid Medvyed

Sofiya's Cousin and Closest Confidant


Female Human


Adalheid is Sofiya’s second cousin, and the two girls played together frequently as children, forming a lifelong bond that survived Sofiya’s ostracism from House Medvyed and Adalheid’s fostering to the Gronzi Forest druid circle. Though the two of them rarely have a chance to see each other, they frequently correspond through letters and she is Sofiya’s main source of information regarding the going-ons within her extended family. Unlike her gentler cousin, Adalheid is outspoken and blunt to point of being brusque as she has little patience for social niceties. She is most commonly found dressed in simple leathers and fur, disdaining the fripperies of court dress, though her fine, aristocratic features give away her noble blood. However, no one would ever mistake her for a pampered gentlewoman given her sinewy, athletic frame and fierce glare.

Adalheid Medvyed

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