Would Sell His Grandmother for Ten Gold


Male Elf (Vampire Thrall)


A nasty piece of work, Ailmon was as black-hearted and rapacious as they come. He and his gang, the Corpse Howlers, were just small fish in the big pond of Mivon’s underworld until they received the backing of a mysterious and benefactor from somewhere further west. They quickly graduated from extortion, thievery, and general thuggery to kidnapping, smuggling, and the not-so-occasional murder. However, as long as the gang confined their atrocities to the squalid masses in the Lower Quarter, the authorities didn’t much care. Pretty soon, the Corpse Howlers grew to become one of the most feared gangs in Mivon despite (or because of) persistent rumors of slave trafficking and association with the undead.
     At Harrowstone Manor, it became clear that Ailmon had entered into an unholy alliance with a vampire named Lord Aldamori, the very same one who financed the Corpse Howler’s ascension in the criminal underworld. Although it remains unclear what Lord Aldamori’s greater goals are, Ailmon’s own motivations were quite simple: money and violence. He was a complete sociopath; incapable of feeling remorse and indifferent to the suffering of others. He cared only for himself and though he came from nothing, he believed he was owed everything. He died the same way he lived: in blood and mayhem.


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