Ataline Varn

Maegar Varn's Daughter


Female Human


A young woman of seventeen winters, Ataline has lived a relatively sheltered life and is quite innocent of the grimmer realities of the world. She spent the majority of her younger years in Restov, learning the traditional vocations expected of all highborn ladies— etiquette, music, reading and writing, mathematics, and embroidery. Her father’s fondness for travel, history and culture, however, meant that she was exposed to a wide variety of peoples and viewpoints from a young age, making her more cosmopolitan than most of her peers. A devoted and dutiful daughter, Ataline wishes to please her parents very much and is willing to sacrifice her personal happiness and aspirations to fulfill their vision of how she should lead her life. Because of this, she requires a bit of coaxing to get to know as she hides her true feelings under a guise of formality and propriety. Still, it seems like Pavel has broken through her wall of reserve and caught a glimpse of the vivacious girl underneath.
     After a year of courtship, the two of them are due to be married on the 20th of Gozran.

Ataline Varn

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