Lieutenant of the Stag Lord


Male Human


A lumbering lummox of a man, Auchs was simpleminded in everything but cruelty. He loved the sound of sobbing and screaming, and gleefully crushed and pummeled bandits and prisoners alike according to the commands of his fellow lieutenant Dovan or the Stag Lord. Illiterate, the only word Auchs could spell was his name— and not even then, since Dovan took a perverse glee in telling him that “Auchs” was spelled “ox.” Prior to joining up with the Stag Lord’s band, he had traveled with Dovan for the past several months, after the smaller man saved him from being killed for starting a deadly brawl in a marketplace in Daggermark. His collection of knights and dragon toys were his pride and joy and should they be damaged or even touched, he would be instantly roused to attack the interloper no matter who it was. As a result, the other bandits have learned to avoid messing with his toys.


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