Varnhold Ambassador


Male Human


Like many of Maegar Varn’s companions, Cassioche is not from Brevoy. He hails from the distant land of Osirion, and spent a good deal of his life traveling before he met Baron Varn. An irrepressibly cheerful and optimistic man, Cassioche has handled the many twists and turns life has thrown at him with wry humor and a broad perspective, though he never quite expected to find himself acting as the grand diplomat of a fledging nation on the northeastern-most corner of Avistan. Still, he enjoys his work and it gives him the opportunity to recount the many adventures of his youth to yet another new audience. One thing he’ll never get used to, however, are the bitter winters here in the north.
     The party found Cassioche’s body amongst the other Varnholders at Vordakai’s grisly feasting table, the top part of his head brutally removed and his brains excised. It was subsequently burned with all the other dead they retrieved from Vordakai’s Needle, with a prayer hoping that they find peace, their deaths having been avenged.


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