Chief Graalsk

Leader of the Briarclaw Tribe


Male Goblin


Great Chief Graalsk was a pompous blowhard with delusions of grandeur. He always referred to himself in the third person and generally seemed mad as hatter but was actually quite clever and cunning. Much of his public persona was an act designed to trick potential enemies into underestimating him and his followers. Chief Graalsk was monstrously fat, but this was also a decoy as he was deceptively quick and could wield his serrated falchion to terrible effect.
     The Briarclaw goblins lived in series of tunnels carved into a gigantic tangle of briars, thus giving them their name. As a tribe, they were annoying and bothersome but never particularly dangerous until Malfeshnakor crept into their midst, drawn by the prayers of Chief Graalsk. Delighted by the apparent favor of Lamashtu, Chief Graalsk was sure a new age of goblin ascendancy was at hand until a bunch of adventurers stormed the Briarwarrens, slew Lamashtu’s herald, massacred his people, and set fire to the place. Sobbing with rage and helplessness, Chief Graalsk fled with the last surviving goblins and eventually made his way to Hargulka’s kingdom. Life with the trolls was harsh, and his kin were often in danger of being eaten but Chief Graalsk managed to claw out a measure of fearful respect with his clerical abilities; Mogmurk’s bombs didn’t hurt either. He hung in there, hoping to see the adventurers dead and their precious kingdom in tatters under Hargulka’s gnarly heel. Alas, in the end, the trolls fared no better against the adventurers than the goblins had.

Chief Graalsk

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