Chief Sootscale

Leader of the Sootscale Tribe


Male Kobold


A surprisingly progressive and forward thinking kobold, Chief Sootscale is arrayed in barbaric finery of leather, teeth, and bone. He wears a python skull headdress decorated with red and black feathers and bears the tribe’s ceremonial “speaking staff” as a sign of his leadership. Chief Sootscale succeeded Chief Sootscale who succeeded Chief Sootscale. The Chief always has the same name, regardless of what he was called before attaining Chiefdom. The current Chief had his position bestowed upon him after he wrestled and killed a giant spider that was plaguing the tribe. He is ruthless in his duty to protect and care for his tribe, but generous and gregarious to his friends and followers. With Tartuk’s defeat and the elimination of the mites, he hopes to rebuild his tribe and bring them to a new era of prosperity and peace.

Chief Sootscale

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