The Not-So-Lowly Worm


Fire-Infused Purple Worm


Cindermaw is one the deadliest predators of the Ash-Blown Lands, an ancient purple worm changed and transformed into an unique creature infused with elemental fire after it devoured a malfunctioning portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire inside a collapsed Thassilonian ruin. This infusion of energy not only granted Cindermaw a host of extraordinary fire-based abilities, but awakened its intellect as well, granting it the ability to understand its place in the world. Cindermaw knows that the Rashalzar regard it as some sort of god, and it has taken this notion to an extreme. For an immense worm, Cindermaw is surprisingly vain and egocentric. In addition, it is a fiercely territorial hunter. Rashalkan legends portrays the worm as a demon-like creature capable of consuming entire tribes. The creature’s exceptionally long lifespan has only further cemented its position in the centaurs’ myths.


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