Danide Thunderhoof

Champion of the Rashalzar Tribe


Female Centaur


Sleek and powerfully muscled, Danide is a hero and champion of the Rashalzar. She is the only one from her tribe aside from Aecora to have successfully made the ascent up to the summit of Talon Peak, to seek Hash’mal’s aid. Danide wanted to find the means to defeat a band of ogres who had been making brutal raids upon the Rashalzar; Hash’mal sent her on a months-long arduous quest to retrieve a relic that she promised would earn Danide the power to overcome her foes. But when Danide finally recovered the relic, it turned out to be a useless trinket without even the slightest hint of magical power; in the meantime, her tribe had suffered greatly during her absence. Filled with rage, Danide strode out to face the ogres, determined to end them once and for all, no matter what. In a fantastic display of power and fury, she single-handedly defeated the ogre leader and scattered the rest; no less than half the band lay dead or dying by her hand. It was then that Danide realized the truth— that the Great Roc had indeed spoken true: without the skills and strength Danide honed in completing the quest Hash’mal had set her to, she would have surely fallen in such a combat as she had won. Danide retains the brashness of her youth, but she is no fool, nor does she suffer them. She respects bravery, tenacity, and strength and while she is often scornful of two-leggers, she is willing to give those that evince those traits a chance to prove themselves.

Danide Thunderhoof

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