Declan Arnovsky

Evangelical Priest of Abadar


Male Human


As is common among noble or wealthy families with a plethora of sons, the youngest is often sent into the priesthood to prevent the inheritance from becoming too dilute and to curry favor with powerful clergy. In Brevoy, this meant the Church of Abadar and indeed, Declan has spent the majority of his life inside the solid walls of the cathedral at New Stetven, learning law, mathematics, and theology. His family, though of old Rostlandi stock, was not of true noble blood, and had only limited influence; thus, Declan’s rise among the competitive ranks of Abadar’s faithful had a short arc. Not that he cared; Declan is a true zealot, and he leapt at the chance to bring the light of civilization and commerce to the frontier lands of the Stolen Lands when called. Fortunately, his youthful enthusiasm and natural charm makes him likable and easy to talk to, and he has a knack for explaining Abadar’s principles in such a way that even the common folk can appreciate.

Declan Arnovsky

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