Elga Verniex

The Old Beldame


Female Fey-Touched Human


The Old Beldame is human, although the dryad spirit she harbors has given her skin a greenish cast and lengthened her lifespan far beyond its natural course. Crotchety and ill-tempered, she discourages all visitors and has little patience for fools or curiosity seekers. Her strange appearance and cantankerous manner has given her a sinister reputation among the bandits of the region, who avoid her hut and its frightful guardian. Having lived in the region for over 200 years, she appears to be quite knowledgeable about the area, its inhabitants, its dangers, and some of its history. Unfortunately, convincing her to share this knowledge is another matter altogether.
     In the course of the encounter, the Old Beldame did recognize Johannes as the son of an elf that stayed with her many years ago, and she gave him what remained of his father’s personal effects, including his journal. Of his father’s eventual fate, she has no idea, save that he went to investigate the ruins on Candlemere Island against her advice and never returned. She also eventually consented to telling the party her life’s story, and how she came to be so old. A little over a year later, the party was able to help Elga fulfill her promise to the dryad and find her rest with the aid of a strange child named Starling. Starling was not the “great mortal practitioner of magic” that the dryad foresaw— the glass of prophecy has been darkened since Aroden’s death— but he was the son of one and had his own unique talents. Thus relieved of her onus, Elga died peacefully at the foot of Tiressia’s new tree.

Elga Verniex

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