Formerly an Owner of a Lonely Heart


Male Satyr


Falchos was once consort to the dryad Tiressia but was unable to save her or her tree from the blight that was killing it. He was deeply relieved when Tiressia was able to strike a bargain with Elga, to allow the woman to carry Tiressia’s spirit and perhaps renew it one day, even though it meant he would be separated from his love for an untold number of years. Two centuries and the death of a god later, he continues to hold out hope that he might one day be reunited with his inamorata and joy will blossom in his breast once more. Unlike most of his brethren, Falchos tends to be shy and reclusive, mindful in thought and deed, though he remains as fond of wine and song as any satyr.
     With the restoration of Tiressia to life once more in early 4713, Falchos is delighted to have his beloved back at his side again. He has regained much of his joie de vivre and the forest resounds with the merry tunes of his pan pipes celebrating her return.


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