Hargulka Fire-Eater

Self-Styled King of Monsters


Male Troll


Surprisingly intelligent and well-spoken, Hargulka declared himself the “King of Monsters” and apparently attempted to start his own kingdom in direct opposition to the human settlers that Restov had sent down to colonize the Green Belt. Cunning and cruel, he used force and intimidation to sway other monstrous inhabitants of the area to his side and was successful… for a time. Though he didn’t lack in vision, he lacked discipline and wisdom. Unable to manage the monstrous appetites of his brethren and unwilling to engage in civilized pursuits such as agriculture or trade, he relied on raids and slave labor to keep his kingdom running. When food and resources grew scarce, his trolls took to pillaging Finland’s farms which clued the party in to his plans for attack. As a consequence, they were prepared for his offensive when it came, instead of being caught unaware. They not only managed to defeat his armies, but took the fight to him, laid siege to his stronghold, and wiped out all the remaining trolls. In the end, it was the very traits Hargulka prized: savagery, brutality, and despotism that led to the downfall of his nascent kingdom.

Hargulka Fire-Eater

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