A Sermon in the Thunder


Female Fey-Touched Great Roc


Hash’mal lives atop Talon Peak, revered by the Rashalzar centaurs as a spirit of wisdom and great portent. She gives counsel to those heroes able to make the long and arduous climb to her lofty nest; being a creature of immense age and insight, there is little within her purview that she is not aware of. Even for a roc, she is a wondrous and majestic specimen of her kind, with purplish-black feathers shading to bright crimson along her massive wings and a strong, sinewy lizard’s tail in place of tail feathers. A white, bone-like mask covers her face, edged with delicate red swirls reminiscent of the ones found on Rannulf. Indeed, she acknowledges the wolf as a sister spirit, albeit a much younger one. Like Rannulf, Hash’mal’s origins are shrouded in mystery— one that even she has not been able to pierce.


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