Hunter in the Greenbelt


Female Human


A prickly woman with striking but not unattractive features, and rich, wine-dark hair, Iskra is one of several hunters and trappers that operate in the Greenbelt. She occasionally shows up at Oleg’s Trading Post to buy and sell supplies and seems one of the most knowledgeable persons about the area. Though her skills at tracking and trailblazing would be invaluable in many places, she seems to have little interest in civilization or in pursuing more lucrative employment elsewhere. She evinces a fondness for hard drink and has a pet hawk named Falcor.
     After some pressing, Iskra reluctantly admits to being the daughter of a disposed general from a now defunct River Kingdom. She sought out a life of solitude in the hinterlands because she was tired of war and men clashing over land and rulership after seeing her father spend his whole life fighting, then dying, for it.


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