Jubal Hirsch

Penitent Priest of Erastil


Male Human


Weathered but still spry, Jubal is a traveling cleric and hunter who heard about the exploration charters while he was in Restov and came to the trading post to offer his help. He admits freely that this isn’t an entirely altruistic move on his part; he has heard rumors of lost temples to Erastil in the Stolen Lands and hopes that he can persuade the party to keep an eye out for them— particularly one guarded by a large, angry bear. Jubal is not Brevic, having traveled a distance up the Sellen River from Galt, into Numeria, and then eastward into Brevoy. He claims wanderlust is the prime motivator for his change of location but something about the premature aging lines on his brow and around his eyes hint at a more troubled past.
     It turns out that Jubal has actually been exiled from the priesthood of Erastil (though not abandoned by his god) after instigating a lynching of a traveler his home village thought was a werewolf responsible for several recent killings. A few hours after they hung the man, the true killer was caught by a hunter and revealed to be nothing more sinister than a particularly wily worg. An investigation by the church of Erastil followed, and they found Jubal’s involvement in the village’s overly aggressive pursuit of the traveler’s lynching to be actionable. Only the fact that the man turned out to be a bandit spy sent to scout the town for an attack saved him from being excommunicated entirely. The visions he’s been having about the old temple was a chance for him to regain Erastil’s favor. Now that the temple has been cleansed, Jubal would like to return and restore it to its former glory.

Jubal Hirsch

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