The Dark Watcher


Male Centaur Graveknight


Many centuries ago, Kerezar was set to watch over the Vordakai’s Needle, to guard against the sleeping evil within. For a time, he fulfilled his duties diligently and faithfully but the isolation of his task and his close proximity to Vordakai’s influence meant that no one saw the madness and corruption that crept into his heart and mind. One moon-shrouded night, he slew all his companions and family in their sleep and building a great bonfire, tossed himself into the flames. But Kerezar’s tale does not end there, for days later, he arose once more, born of fire and committed to darkness. Now as Vordakai’s thrall, he drove the Rashalzar out of the Tors and into the Dunsward, stalking the mountains as an undead monstrosity. The Rashalzar sent many champions to try and defeat him but in the end, he always returned stronger than ever, and in time, it was said that Zosh’tar the Dead-Waker himself had barred Kerezar from the Spirit World for his crimes. When the tribe’s shamans finally erected the veil over the approach to Vordakai’s Needle and no one traveled to that portion of the Tors anymore, Kerezar passed into legend as the Dark Watcher.
     The party discovered he was quite real, however, when he confronted them on the trail to Vordakai’s Needle, and in a first disastrous encounter, routed them with a few devastating charges. The party decided on an aerial assault for their second confrontation, which enabled them to finally prevail, though it was a strictly temporary victory. Without the means or knowledge on how to destroy his armor, Kerezar was destined to return to assail them again and again. Fortunately, a stygira they rescued in the Needle provided them with a clue on how to free Kerezar from Vordakai’s fell influence; thus, with a combination of diplomacy and spellcraft, they were able to break the enchantment binding him, letting the centaur champion choose his fate. Kerezar, of course, chose death, immolating himself as he had done so many years before in a final, blazing conflagration.


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