Bandit Leader of Thorn River Camp


Female Human


Kressle was the cruel and vicious young woman leading the bandits at Thorn River Camp. She ran afoul of a couple of the Stag Lord’s men a while ago and they decided they would have some fun with her until she sliced off their hands and fingers with her razor sharp axes. Finding themselves outmatched, they fled. But Kressle wasn’t willing to let them off so easily; she tracked the maimed and frightened bandits right back to the Stag Lord’s fort. Impressed with her bravery and ruthlessness, the Stag Lord threw the cowardly would-be rapists to her tender mercies and recruited her on the spot. After serving at the fort for a few months, the Stag Lord sent her north to run Thorn River Camp. Her reign of terror was cut short by the party when they infiltrated the camp and managed to defeat her and her men there in a short but bloody battle. Unrepentant to the last, she was hung until dead and her body displayed on the walls of Oleg’s Trading Post as a warning to other bandits.


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