He Got Better....


Male Human


Kundal is a Kellid barbarian from the Black Gars tribe in Numeria who grew tired of the decadence and cruelty in his homeland and wandered afar in search of a better life. Unfortunately, he ran afoul of a couple werewolves while traveling through the Embeth Forest and though he was able to slay them, he became infected with lycanthropy. Soon, he began to have horrible dreams of blood and fury and tried to drown these out by drinking himself into oblivion each night. This didn’t prevent his transformation into a slavering beast at the next full moon, however, and he became responsible for a series of gruesome murders at Pilgrim’s Shore. The party showed him unexpected mercy when they captured him instead of killing him outright and then managed to cure him of his curse. In return, he has pledged his life and service to Fin.


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