Speak Softly And Carry A Big Gun


Female Half-Elf


A singular looking woman here in the northlands with her dark skin and striking blue eyes, Lisette commands attention wherever she goes, if not with her exotic beauty, then with a mellifluous voice as thick and warm as honey. She hails from the city-state of Alkenstar, where her father served as one of its shieldmarshals; after his death, she traveled north to Kyonin in search of her elven mother but without success. Having developed an appreciation for new cultures and sights, Lisette decided to continue her journey instead of returning to Alkenstar. Chance found her in Finland when she needed more black powder for her musket; upon recommendations from the townsfolk, she sought out Johannes. To her surprise, in addition to selling her gunpowder, he also offered her a position on his staff. After some consideration, she tentatively accepted, intrigued by Finland’s many mysteries.


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