Lissia of the Seven Scourges

Priestess of Urgathoa


Female Human


A pale lady with black hair and ruby lips, Lady Lissia dripped with sensuality though her heart was as cold as ice. A true fanatic in the church of Urgathoa, she served the Pallid Princess with an intense fervor that seemed somewhat at odds with her aloof demeanor. She was apparently responsible for the health of the inhabitants of Harrowstone Manor, both the living and the undead, though her true passion lay in the study of diseases. For her service, Lord Aldamori permitted her to experiment on select captives, which included Rallo’s twin brothers, Pebon and Wippin. At the time of her death, she was particularly interested in the infectious properties of certain undead; namely ghouls and vampires, who are able to transmit their condition through their bite to those they slay. With further research, she believed she could one day create a disease that could mimic such an effect. Fortunately for the rest of the world, that never came to pass.

Lissia of the Seven Scourges

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