Lymon Medvyed

Has the Sort of Smug Face That Pavel Wants to Punch


Male Human


A wealthy scion of House Medvyed, Lymon’s rapid ascendancy through the family ranks in recent years has been nothing short of dramatic. He is the oldest son (and heir) of the late Armistan Medvyed and seems determined to mold his House into an economic powerhouse, whether they will it or not. Rumor is he has locked horns with Lord Gurev Medvyed, the House’s current and more traditional patriarch. With the rich trade deals he has brokered and the contacts he has cultivated with House Lebeda, Lymon has brought a lot of gold to Medvyed’s coffers and his clout within the clan grows daily. Lymon is one of the most outspoken antagonists in House Medvyed against the idea of allying with House Orlovsky, feeling that a civil war will only weaken Brevoy and encourage dissidence, an opinion that Gurev does not share. Lymon has a known hatred for nonhumans, to the extent that he strongly disapproved of his father’s marriage to his third wife (who was a half-elf) and attempted to have his half-sister Sofiya disinherited as a result. A few in House Medvyed even remember an incident over a decade ago where he slighted the honor of a Rostlandi merchant lord’s elven wife, forcing the man to challenge him to a duel. The man lost the duel and the family was stripped of its holdings due to a dubious reading of an obscure law; though this was not the only example of Lymon’s ruthlessness and willingness to indulge in his racism, it certainly one of his most egregious.
     Lymon’s upwards trajectory was brought to an abrupt end when the party discovered his complicity with the cult of Norgorber; it was revealed that he had entered into a partnership where he would provide them with access to Brevoy’s high society and they would supply him with materials he could use to blackmail or ruin his rivals. Obviously, his treasonous actions did not sit well with House Medvyed and he was arrested as soon as this information came to light; however, the agents of Norgorber do not look upon failure kindly and he was assassinated before he could stand trial.

Lymon Medvyed

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