Lean Mean Eating Machine


Male Barghest


A vicious fiend that could take the guise of a wolf or goblin, Malfeshnekor took over the Briarclaw tribe and sought to expand the tribe’s territory in the Narlmarshes. In his natural form, he appeared as a hideous monstrosity with the body of a wolf, a goblin-like face and cruelly-taloned hands growing from his forelimbs. His fur and skin was tinged with blue, which darkened to be a deep red at his extremities. Sending out his goblins on raids, he had them drag back victims which he would then devour alive in order to absorb their essence and grow in power and malice. His efforts were partially thwarted by Rannulf, who hunted and killed his minions wherever she she could. However, Malfeshnekor himself was well-guarded in the depths of the Briarwarrens where she could not reach him and as time passed, he grew stronger and stronger on the souls of those he gorged upon. In the end, it took an alliance between Rannulf and the party to invade the goblin lair and put an end to Malfeshnekor’s ravenous appetites once and for all (fortunately before he managed to become a greater barghest).


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