Werewolf Without a Clue


Male Natural Werewolf


As a wolf, Mikhail appears little different from normal wolves, save that he is somewhat larger than average and his yellow eyes gleam with an intelligence that betrays his true nature. In his human form, Mikhail appears as an athletic and rangy young man, handsome but with a decidedly feral cast to his features. His canines are unusually long and pointed, and he moves with a lupine grace. Rannulf has raised him from a pup, after she tore out the throats of his parents for challenging her dominance. She perceived no evil in the heart of the youth, however, and took him under her aegis in exchange for the lives she had taken. But now, it has become obvious that Mikhail is growing up and well past the time he should have been re-introduced to his own kind. Unfortunately, a lifetime of living in the forests with a pack of wolves has left him completely ignorant of even the most basic human customs, habits, and mores.


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