(Bestest) Warrior of the Sootscale Tribe


Male Kobold


Mikmek was once Great General of the Eighth Best Legion, on a mission to liberate the sacred statue of Old Sharptooth from the mites but tragically, his assault failed when half his squad was sucked dry by a giant tick and the rest captured and tortured. Mikmek himself was on the brink of death when he was miraculously rescued by a party of adventurers, whereupon he fell to his knees before his liberators with many thanks and much lip-smackings of footwear. The adventurers even managed to recover the stolen idol, though Mikmek was not so wild about that. Its return would save him from bleeding out on the sacrificial altar of that crazy purple shaman, it was true, but the thing was cursed. It had brought nothing but ill-luck and ruin to his once-great tribe.
     But then, brilliantly, Mikmek had an idea! He would bring the adventurers to Chief Sootscale and Chief Sootscale would decide what to do because Chief Sootscale was wise and smart and good at deciding things. Also, he had seen the Chief’s fingers make little strangling motions every time he talked to the shaman, even though he hid it pretty well. So he was only a little dumbfounded when Chief Sootscale smashed the statue and commanded everyone to terminate Tartuk with extreme prejudice. Privately, Mikmek thought it was more likely that Tartuk would exterminate them with extreme Sharptooth but who was he to gainsay his chief?
     Bravely, Mikmek took up his spear and charged in at Chief Sootscale’s side, though he sure was glad the adventurers had stuck around to help. He even graciously provided one of them, the nice one with the face-fur, a soft landing spot when the poor guy wanted to take a short break from the horrors of war in mid-combat. In the end, the tribe was triumphant, with Old Sharptooth driven back to the depths of hell from which it had been spawned and Tartuk’s head decorating the victory banquet table. And now, Chief Sootscale has appointed him Great General of the Firstest Best Legion and he’s received at least three offers of marriage already! Life is certainly looking up for Mikmek but he knows in his heartiest of hearts that he is meant for something even greater…. He is meant to be a cavalier!


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