Is it Giant Hillbilly Moonshiner or Hill Giantbilly Moonshiner?


Male hill giant


Munguk is a dim-witted giant who party found wandering south of Candlemere Lake, despondently taking out his frustrations on the local rocks and trees. Having migrated northwards from his home in the foothills of Mivon, he was on the prowl for blue wolfberries (out of season), game (all fled), and companionship (got rejected and mocked by the trolls and there isn’t a female hill giant around for miles) but sadly failing at all of it. Thus, the screaming and swinging. Fortunately, the party managed to calm him down and pacify him with some roast boar and fine wine, making a friend of the lonely behemoth. Concerned about the possibility of having a drunken, volatile giant straying too close to their settlements, the party sends Munguk east towards the Tors, in hopes that he will have better luck at finding food and a mate there.


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