Natalya Surtova

Sitting Queen and Sister to the King


Female Human


Sister to King Noleski Surtova, Natalya rules alongside him as an unofficial queen, managing the public aspects of the Crown, receiving petitioners and nobles and throwing the requisite balls. Gracious, strong-willed and possessed of a keen political acumen, she clearly enjoys the public aspects of the leading the kingdom. She has maintained good relationships with most of the other Great Houses, which proved to be a boon when Noleski first installed himself as Lord Regent. In matters of state, Natalya has significant influence over her brother, who values her sharp mind and shrewd judgment. It is said she relishes the power she has in her role as “queen” too much to embrace the idea of a proper sister-in-law. Unmarried herself, she is currently entertaining a number of suitors though to date, none have caught her eye.

Natalya Surtova

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