Oleg Leveton

Propietor of Oleg's Trading Post


Male Human


A burly middle-aged man with a gruff, no-nonsense attitude, Oleg is a rugged individualist, with a stubborn streak. More proud than brave, he is loathe to ask for help from others, but willing to accept it for the good of his trading post and, most of all, his wife. In truth, all Oleg ever really wanted was a place for him and Svetlana to live far enough from the constant machinations and political maneuverings that dominate urban life in Restov but not so far that they couldn’t enjoy all if its benefits. To that end, accepting a charter to rebuild an abandoned border fort into a trading post seemed like a perfect solution. At least, until word of the trading post caught the attention of the bandits who infest the Greenbelt to the south. However, trade has picked up and the trading post is now prospering due to the increased influx of travelers after news of the Stag Lord’s death spreads.
     Oleg’s fortunes further increased when the young kingdom of Finland grew large enough to include his trading post within its borders and it became the site for the new frontier town of Leveton, named after Oleg himself. A road connecting Leveton to Pilgrim’s Shore has become the economic lifeline of the new nation as lumber, gold, and furs flow north to Brevoy in exchange for refined goods such as cloth and liquor, and raw materials like copper and iron.

Oleg Leveton

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