Why Be a Chromatic Dragon When You Can Be a Fabulous One?


Male Faerie Dragon


Perlivash is a small, butterfly-winged dragon with shining eyes, a quick wit, and an even faster mouth. He is quite fond of doing loops in the air while flying, sipping wine and mead (but not beer!), and perching on the heads or hats of friendly bigginses. He lives in the northern Narlmarches with his dear friend, Tyg-Titter-Tut, and the two can often be found playing tag amongst the forest canopy or thinking up new pranks to try out. Though generally benevolent and peaceful, Perlivash has little tolerance for cruelty and if sufficiently provoked, takes matters into his own claws, sometimes with surprising ruthlessness. He is very protective towards Tyg and will defend her to the death.


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