The Wild Heart of the Narlmarches


Female Fey-Touched Wolf


Rannulf is a large, sleek wolf with pale white fur and strange red markings that adorn her body in graceful swoops and swirls. Her face is lean and sly, and it often looks like she’s laughing. She has long tufts of fur along her shoulders that stream in the wind and her black-tipped tail is almost fox-like. She has commanded untold generations of wolves in the Narlmarches for an untold number of years, and her origins are mysterious, even to herself. She has little interest in human affairs except as it pertains to her demesne, and tends to roam the wildest and oldest reaches of the forest. She can be stern and unforgiving or merry and playful as the mood takes her, though she is not as fickle as most fey.


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