Saeros Tsaritsyn

Bandit Leader of Watchtower Camp


Male Human


Saeros is the bastard son of an Issian noble who hates him as living proof of his wife’s infidelity and fled his stepfather’s household to escape a lifetime of abuse and scorn. Brash and foul-mouthed, his often bellicose demeanor serves as his armor against a world that has always rebuffed him. While he felt no particular love or loyalty for the Stag Lord, he had found a measure of respect and acceptance among the bandits, something he desperately seeks. This, more than anything else, kept him in the Stag Lord’s service. With the death of the bandit lord and the scattering of his men, Saeros has offered his talents to the new lords of the land, hoping to make a name for himself. He is well-read and educated, and fights with a skillful blend of blade and magic. Most distinctively, he bears an ancient scimitar made of darkened steel named Ashrune— an heirloom he ‘liberated’ from the family vaults before he left.

Saeros Tsaritsyn

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