Sergei Khavortorov

Knight of the New Not-a-Republic


Human Male


House Khavortorov fields some of the finest cavalry regiments in region and were very loyal to House Rogarvia. They were not, however, on good terms with House Surtova and when House Rogarvia disappeared without a trace a decade ago, House Khavortorov suffered a devastating loss in influence and holdings when Noleski Surtova took control of the Dragonscale Throne. Sergei was just a young man barely on the cusp of adulthood when this happened; he has since spent most of the last ten years attempting to restore a portion of his family’s name and standing. His father never recovered from the shock and died just a few years after the House Rogarvia’s disappearance. As the eldest son, Sergei was responsible for the direction of the family fortunes but a violent disagreement between him and his younger brother Dmitri resulted in a schism that split the House. Sergei choose to leave Brevoy with his retinue of faithful knights while Dmitri stayed; both brothers consider the other a traitor to their House’s ideals.
     Members of House Khavortorov are known for their mastery of battle, and Sergei is no exception. Equally comfortable on the field or at court, he exudes an air of command and self-assurance that elevates him above the common rabble. Despite his apparent love of combat, Sergei and his knights are not mercenaries, selling their abilities to the highest bidder. They prefer above all to pledge their allegiance to a worthy liege, and exemplify their prowess and steadfastness in his service.

Sergei Khavortorov

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