Sofiya Medvyed

Oracle of Dubious Fortune


Female Human


The youngest daughter of Armistan Medvyed, Sofiya’s birth came as a bit of a happy surprise to her aging father. Unfortunately, tragedy visited the household some years later when her mother died suddenly of a mysterious plague; that very same day, Sofiya was struck blind. With the loss of her mother and her vision, she fell into a deep depression such that her father feared he would lose her as well. Things came to a head one night when she disappeared from her bed without a trace. Anticipating the worst, Armistan ordered a massive search, sparing no expense. To his great relief, Sofiya was found three days later in the depths of the Gronzi Forest, seemingly unharmed. She could not remember what happened or who took her, but as the weeks passed, glimmers of her sight returned to her. She thought she could catch flashes of light, or make out dim silhouettes; but it was also around this time her burgeoning oracular powers started manifesting… in a terrible way. People around her starting having accidents, tools and weapons would break, even the simplest everyday tasks would go awry. Soon, none of the servants would have anything to do with her and rumors started whispering that she was cursed, unlucky, or marked by dark powers. A few went so far as to blame her for the death of her mother. In the end, her father was forced to send her away to a reclusive abbey, where he hoped they could teach her how to control her abilities. He died a few years later, without ever seeing his daughter again. Knowing Sofiya would have a difficult time re-integrating into high society, he called in a favor and implored the Swordlord Taissa Aldori to look after her awhile, and help her find her niche in the world.
     Thus it was that Sofiya became acquainted with the party and in particular with Fin, who was smitten from first sight of her. Though she had reservations about being courted by the young king, he won her heart with his kind, generous, and loyal nature (running around bare-chested in a kilt probably didn’t hurt his case either). She and Fin got married on the 5th of Sarenith 4712, to the cheers and well-wishes of an adoring populace.

Sofiya Medvyed

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