Taissa Aldori

Aldori Swordlord


Female Half-Elf


Taissa Aldori is currently the most skilled member of the Aldori dueling school in Restov and is one of only five people to legitimately hold claim to the title of “Swordlord” and the honorific name “Aldori.” A half-elf woman of extraordinary beauty and grace, the calluses and scars on her hands and arms give evidence to how hard she has worked to perfect her craft. She has lived in Restov for many years and owns multiple dueling schools, where she only accepts the most promising of students. Normally not one to be interested in politics, Taissa has noticed the growing tension within Brevoy with alarm, and has thrown her support behind Lord Mayor Sellemius’ scheme to send expeditionary groups into the Stolen Lands to disrupt the increasingly aggressive activity of the bandits and barbarians entrenched there. It was under her direction that these charters have been drawn up, and it is to her desk where reports of your progress will ultimately find their way.

Taissa Aldori

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