Faux Kobold Shaman


Male Kobold (formerly Gnome)


Tartuk was a malicious and hateful kobold summoner who came to the Sootscale tribe a year ago from the east and managed to trick them into worshiping “Old Sharptooth” (really his eidolon) through a combination of lies, magic, and weekly sacrifices of “bad kobolds” to keep any detractors in line. His secret plan had been to drive them to extinction by forcing them into a self-destructive war they couldn’t possibly win, like he had already done with two kobold tribes previously.
     In truth, Tartuk had not been born a kobold— he was born a gnome. He was killed in a fight against a group of ogres who were tormenting his village, but his accidentally heroic sacrifice was enough to give his village a chance to defeat the ogres. The village, sorrowed by Tartuk’s death, unanimously voted to restore him to life so they decided to use a scroll of reincarnate that had sat in the village treasury for years. In an ironic twist of fate, poor Tartuk came back as a kobold, one with scales the same deep purple as his hair. Scandalized, the village didn’t know how to react but Tartuk, nursing a deep grudge, fled into the woods in shame and rage. Climbing the highlands, he found a tribe of white-scaled kobolds; the Hoarfrost tribe. Using his magic and manipulative lies to rally them, he led them in an attack against his old village. The resulting battle was furious, with Tartuk the only survivor, thanks to him picking off all others with his wand. Spurred by this initial success, he went on to repeat this strategy and so sought out another kobold tribe; this one a forest dwelling green-scaled tribe known as the Bitterleafs. They met their end through a combination of vicious in-fighting, rookery sabotage, and his betrayal of them to a band of sadistic goblins. Tartuk might have continue in this vein indefinitely, becoming even more unstable and dangerous, had the party not put to end to his wicked and spiteful ways.


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