The Free Irregulars

Members of Kesten's Mercenary Band


The three soldiers under Kesten’s command are are Ephraim, Pietr, and Danifred. They refer to themselves as the Free Irregulars— a reference both to Kesten’s fairly loose discipline (he doesn’t really care how his men get their job done, or how they spend their free time, as long as what needs to be done, is) and the fact that they do not report directly to any higher authority with any real frequency. Kesten’s confidence in his team is well-justified, however; all of the Free Irregulars have great trust and respect for him and would put their lives in his hands without question. The company used to number six, but a recent betrayal within their ranks cut that number to four, and recently, Konrad was killed when the bandits attacked Oleg’s Trading Post in retaliation for the destruction of Thorn River Camp. Kesten then hired Ephraim to fill the company’s ranks, though he is still on the lookout for more recruits.

Each irregular wears fairly standard gear (with a little deviation) when on duty: scale mail, a longsword and heavy wooden shield, a longspear, a light crossbow for ranged engagement, and a thunderstone for sounding an alarm.


Active Members

danifred.jpg Danifred (Female Dwarf): A loyal friend and cohort, Danifred has served under Kesten longer than anyone else in the group. Her family has worked alongside House Garess for generations as skilled smiths and craftsmen. Danifred herself is a bit of a black sheep; unhappy at the prospect of an arranged marriage, she left her home to seek work as a mercenary (among the humans, no less!), much to the disapproval of her family. She wields a warhammer instead of a longsword.

pietr.jpg Pietr (Male Human): Youngest of the Free Irregulars, Pietr is a cheerful young man whose occasional naivete causes some eye-rolling among his more experienced compatriots. He can often be found writing letters to his twin sister Petra during his off hours; border duty, while not the most exciting, is far more preferable to being a leatherworker’s apprentice, in his opinion. He wears a chain shirt instead of scale mail, preferring the extra mobility of the lighter armor.

ephraim.jpg Ephraim (Male Human): A quiet man with a wry sense of humor, Ephraim served in another mercenary company alongside Kesten prior to him forming the Free Irregulars. His skill and demeanor impressed Kesten enough that he offered Ephraim a spot once his original contract expired. Ephraim is not at all self-conscious about the disfiguring scar across his face, which he received in a fight against a hag early on in his career. Level-headed and rational, he serves as a good foil for Pietr’s exuberance and Kesten’s moodiness.

Killed in Battle

konrad.jpg Konrad (Male Human): An older man, with a handlebar mustache and a slight paunch, Konrad carried himself with the air of a career soldier. Various good luck trinkets and protective talismans (whose efficacy are dubious at best) could always be found hanging off every bit of his gear and he was always on the lookout for more. He was wildly superstitious and often saw ill omens in the littlest of things. Despite this quirk, he had been an alert and conscientious warrior with a sharp eye for detail. A steadfast soldier to the end, he was killed by Dovan while defending the Levetons.

The Free Irregulars

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