The Lonely Warrior

Repentent Kinslayer


Male Cairn Wight


The Lonely Warrior was an ancient Iobarian barbarian king who settled in the Greenbelt over a thousand years ago, and whose name and kingdom has been lost to the mists of time. From the mosaics decorating the walls of his tomb, it appeared he fought a war against a horde of dark fey, triumphing against them with the help of his enchanted greataxe Wuuthrad. In the end, however, he was killed by a fey owlbear of legendary proportions. When the fey threatened his people again, his brother stole into his barrow and took up the axe to defend the tribe. The Lonely Warrior, caring only about his weapon, rose from his grave and stalked his brother back to their home village, slew him and took the axe back, thus dooming their people. During that vile act of fratricide, Wuuthrad shattered into several pieces. The Lonely Warrior returned to his tomb with his broken weapon and has slumbered in there ever since, jealously guarding his treasure.
     When the party entered his barrow and defeated him, the ancient warlord was freed of the corruption of his covetousness. His spirit, realizing the great wrong he had committed, asked the party to help him reconcile with his brother so that they could both find peace. This they were able to do when they found Bran’s severed head in the keeping of the Dancing Lady, and purged their ancestral keep of her presence. Interceding on the Lonely Warrior’s behalf, they were able to convince his brother of his true contrition and desire for penitence. In gratitude, the Lonely Warrior restored his mighty axe to its former glory before departing for Pharasma’s judgment.

The Lonely Warrior

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