The Stag Lord

Man? Monster? Mystery?


Male Human


In the end, the Stag Lord turned out to be only mortal despite his fearsome visage and storied reputation. A bitter and violent drunk, he despised everything and everyone, including himself, whom he perceived as a hideous monster. The flesh of his entire body and face rippled with thick and disfiguring scars left by the terrible tortures he suffered when he was younger. He could not stand the sight of his own face, and before he had his helm to cover it, he often took to wearing a leather hood. Who inflicted such pain and agony on him and why remains a mystery. Unfortunately, his suffering only made him crueler and more brutal, ready to pay back his torments to the world a hundredfold.
     A predator and terrorist with a certain dark charisma, he attracted all sorts of knaves into his service: thieves, kidnappers, rapists, murderers and worse. When he came upon the ruins of an old Taldan fort on the north edge of the Tuskwater, the man realized he had found a place to call his own. Within its walls, he found a grim helmet made of bone and graced with a stag’s antlers. He took the helm as his own, and from that point on his men knew him as the Stag Lord. In the following months, he armed his band of miscreants, taught them how to hone their combat skills, and as they grew in number, he ordered them north towards Rostland to take what they willed— as long as they returned every month to pay him is dues in gold and other stolen wealth. Fortunately, his reign of terror was cut short when the party infiltrated his fort and in a mighty battle, slew him and all the bandits who resisted.

The Stag Lord

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