Life Endures


Female Dryad


Tiressia and her tree were cursed with a killing blight over 200 years ago by a creature she called Bramble-Heart. In desperation, she made a pact with a young woman named Elga Verniax, promising to save her dying daughter if Elga would save her in turn by sheltering her spirit until another suitable tree could be found. And so Elga carried Tiressia’s slumbering spirit for many years, trusting in the dryad’s final vision that someone would one day know how to reawaken her. But the decades slid by and no one appeared, until two centuries had passed and the world was no longer as it was. In the end, it turned not to be some mighty mage or a great druid that called Tiressia forth from her slumber but a young boy steeped in ancient blood. Though she is still weak from her long torpor, Tiressia nonetheless radiates power and vitality and will prove to be a stabilizing force for the fey in the region.


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