Boy Who Lost His Tongue


Male Human


Vasily was a timid young boy of about ten years of age when he saw his parents slaughtered by bandits before his very eyes. Dovan cut out his tongue on a cruel whim several weeks later when the boy dared to speak back to him; as a result of these awful experiences, Vasily became fearful and suspicious of nearly everyone. Svetlana and Oleg have adopted him after the party rescued him from the bandits and in particular, Svetlana has worked hard to gain his trust. Still, it was a while before Vasily was able to overcome the abuse and terror he suffered during his captivity and come out of his shell. He demonstrates a remarkable knack with animals so Oleg has set him to tending the horses at the trading post in hopes of engaging him.
     Due to the generosity of the party and others in Leveton, Oleg was able to raise enough money to take the boy to New Stetven to have his tongue regenerated in late 4711. Today, Vasily chatters happily in his newly regained voice, and has come long a way from the scared, apathetic boy he was when the party first found him.


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