Character Creation

creation.jpg This page contains all the rules and guidelines needed for creating a new character for the Kingmaker campaign. Characters will begin play at 1st level.

Ability Scores: Players have 20 points to purchase ability scores, as explained on pages 15-16 of the Core Rulebook. Please remember no score can be reduced below 7 or raised above 18. Racial modifiers are applied after points are spent.

Classes and Races: All races and classes from the Core Rulebook are available. All classes from the Advanced Player’s Guide are also available. Alternate racial traits and alternate class features may be available, pending DM approval.

Feats: All feats from the Core Rulebook are available with the exception of the following item creation feats: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Rod, Craft Wondrous Item, and Forge Ring. Due to the unique way this campaign is structured, magic item creation can cause a lot of balance issues so I would prefer to avoid it altogether. Don’t worry, many magic items are commonly available, and many more will be found through adventuring.

Traits: Characters in the Kingmaker campaign begin play with two traits— minor in-game advantages tied to their background as explained on pages 326-333 of the Advanced Player’s Guide. One of these must come from the list of Campaign Traits; the other may be any trait from one of these three categories: basic, race, and religion. Note that trait bonuses do not stack.

Alignment: Characters may not be evil.

Deity: Characters are not required to choose a deity (excepting divine spellcasters) but in practice, most inhabitants of Golarion have a patron deity or at least one they pay lip service to.

Hit Points: Characters begin with max hit points for their class at 1st level. For each level thereafter, players roll the appropriate Hit Dice for their class, re-rolling any 1s.

Equipment: Characters begin the campaign with 150 gold pieces to purchase their starting gear. Please keep track of encumbrance, carrying capacity, and where each item is located. Remember to deduct the cost of living expense (see below) for the first month from your starting gold.

Cost of Living: To help simplify tracking of expenses, characters will be required to pay a 10gp cost of living expense, due on the first of every month. This will cover the cost of food, shelter, stabling, tolls, and other incidental purchases (such as arrows, spell components, torches, rations and the like). This assumes a basic level of subsistence: watered wine, coarse bread and simple stew, common lodgings, average gear. You need not track purchases of nonmagical goods of 1 gp or less, though items are still subject to availability and their quantities, weights, and location must still be noted on the character’s sheet. As the campaign progresses and the characters improve their stations, this cost of living may rise to match their new lifestyles.

Background: At a minimum, please give me a physical description (to inform NPC reactions), a reason why your character has accepted a charter into the Stolen Lands, and a colorful detail regarding his personality, family, or past deeds (it came be anything from ‘he has an obvious and possibly deviant love of sweet rolls’ to ‘he was a former assistant to a wizard from whom he learned his alchemy skills’ to ‘he ran away from a duel and doesn’t dare return to his hometown’). You will NOT be able to level past 1st until these basic requirements have been met.
     However, I strongly encourage you to come up with a back story for your character as it shows that you are invested in the roleplay aspect of the campaign and provides me with an opportunity to tie your character’s history (and future) into that of the larger picture. It’s not necessary to chronicle your character since birth, nor pontificate on his choice of breakfast meats, but something that would add a little depth is much appreciated. I would be happy to work with you on developing any campaign-specific details.
     You will gain a Hero Point if you give me a written biography that includes at least one hook involving an old vendetta, personal ethos, relative, future goal, or some other core detail I can weave into the campaign as a subplot. Use the ‘Biography’ section on your Character page to fill out your character’s backstory. If there are any secrets you wish to keep from your fellow players, click on the ‘Add Player Secret’ button and write it in the reserved section. When this subplot is resolved, you will gain an additional Hero Point.

Allowed Material
I am not at all familiar with material in Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat so I am disinclined to allow material from either those two books into the campaign. I will allow some of the material from Advanced Player’s Guide and Advanced Race Guide on a case-by-case basis.

Character Creation

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