Quest Log

quests.jpg Due to the open-ended nature of this campaign, this page has been set up to help the PCs track the many and varied quests they will eventually accumulate in the course of their adventuring. Active quests are listed in alphabetical order for ease of search; completed quests are listed in the order they were finished. As the quests progress, I will do my best to update their status.

Active Quests

Source: Vordakai’s Needle
Objective: Find a way to destroy the Crimson Tree ensconced in the heart of Vordakai’s Needle.
Reward: The casual ire of the Four Horsemen. Well, there’s probably an up side as well. Probably.
Status: The party has discovered that in order to render the tree vulnerable to destruction, it needs to be exposed to natural daylight, at high noon, within the effects of a divine hallow spell. The problem is, the horrid thing is buried deep in the spire, behind hundreds of feet of solid rock.

Completed Quests

Source: Swordlords of Restov
Objective: Kill or detain at least 6 bandits to send a message that banditry will not be tolerated.
Reward: 400 gp.
Status: The bandits at Thorn River Camp have been slain or captured, and their leader executed. Her head is currently decorating a pike outside the trading post.
Completed: 5th Gozran 4710

Source: Jubal Hirsch
Objective: Find and restore the lost temple of Erastil located somewhere in the Narlmarches. It is being guarded by a large, angry bear.
Reward: Jubal agrees to provide all of his spellcasting for free.
Status: The temple has been found and its cursed guardian laid to rest.
Completed: 16th Gozran 4710

Source: Mikmek
Objective: Find and return the statue of “Old Sharptooth” to either Chief Sootscale or Tartuk.
Reward: A possible alliance with the Sootscale Tribe (best outcome). A messy death (worst outcome). Surprise!
Status: The statue was returned to Chief Sootscale, who immediately smashed it and instigated a coup against the usurper Tartuk! Viva la revoluciĆ³n!
Completed: 27th Gozran 4710

Source: Swordlords of Restov
Objective: Slay or broker a peace accord with the kobolds of the Sootscale Tribe.
Reward: 800 gp.
Status: In gratitude for restoring him to his rightful rule, Chief Sootscale has declared there will be peace between the Sootscale Tribe and the “bigfeet” of the area. He has signed the Swordlord notice and given you his amulet as a token of his friendship.
Completed: 27th Gozran 4710

Source: Bokken
Objective: Bring Bokken enough fangberries for at least eight potions.
Reward: 25% discount on all potions for a month.
Status: The fangberries have been handed over to Bokken, though there is much debate about whether it was worth the trouble and the nightmares the creeping carpet of spiders guarding the bushes produced.
Completed: 8th Desnus 4710

Source: Oleg Leveton
Objective: Find and return the wedding ring Kressle took from Svetlana.
Reward: 1000 gp in store credit from Oleg.
Status: You have finally tracked down Svetlana’s ring and returned it to Oleg, who was overjoyed. He even cracked a smile.
Completed: 9th Desnus 4710

Source: Swordlords of Restov
Objective: Defeat the Stag Lord.
Reward: 5000 gp.
Status: The Stag Lord is no more, and his head has been sent to Restov as proof of the deed.
Completed: 18th Desnus 4710

Source: Davik Nettles
Objective: Help Davik find peace by throwing the Stag Lord’s body into the Shrike River.
Reward: Davik’s magical ranseur.
Status: The Stag Lord’s body has been interred in the Shrike River and Davik’s need for vengeance has been fulfilled.
Completed: 19th Desnus 4710

Source: Kesten Garess
Objective: Find and capture Falgrim so that he may be tried in Restov for his crimes.
Reward: Four masterwork weapons (two if he’s dead).
Status: Falgrim’s remains have been turned over to Kesten and his identity satisfactorily verified. Though he is not alive to stand trial, you will receive half of the promised reward for bringing him to justice.
Completed: 28th Desnus 4710

Source: Swordlords of Restov
Objective: Establish a new kingdom in the Greenbelt south of Rostland and lead it through both good times and bad, safeguarding it against all threats internal and external, and forge a legacy you hope will stand the test of time.
Reward: Your very own kingdom.
Status: The new country of Finland is now established and ground has been broken for the new capital.
Completed: 2nd Erastus 4710

Source: Vekkel
Objective: Deliver Tuksgutter’s head to Oleg’s Trading Post.
Reward: Masterwork composite longbow and six +1 arrows of magical beast bane (and some head cheese).
Status: Tuskgutter has been slain and now lives on as a part of you in your bellies.
Completed: 13th Erastus 4710

Source: Oleg Leveton
Objective: Deliver a (relatively) undamaged tatzlwyrm head to Oleg.
Reward 600 gp.
Status: There are now two less tatzlwyrms in the Green Belt and Oleg has a fearsome new decoration adorning his trading post.
Completed: 5th Arodus 4710

Source: Rannulf
Objective: Help Rannulf defeat the Brambleclaw goblin tribe and the wicked barghest leading them, preferably before they become a major threat in the region.
Reward: Destruction of the goblin tribe and the continuation of Rannulf’s goodwill increases the safety of your lands, increasing its Stability by 2.
Status: Malfeshnekor has been slain and the Briarclaw tribe routed. Unfortunately, their shaman appears to have escaped.
Completed: 9th Arodus 4710

Source: Dallan
Objective: Give the locket you found among Dallan’s belongings to Bokken.
Reward: 300 gp (or 900 gp in potions or ingredients).
Status: Bokken was overjoyed to have this memento of his dear late mother and has opened his stores to you.
Completed: 10th Rova 4710

Source: Belimarius
Objective: Collect as many black rattlecaps as you can from around the mud pit southeast of Tuskwater Lake for the Old Beldame.
Reward: 100 gp for each black rattlecap collected, plus the Old Beldame is willing to spend an afternoon or two talking to Belimarius about the history of the Green Belt.
Status: A number of the black rattlecaps were crushed in the battle against the tendriculos but you managed to hand over 9 mushrooms.
Completed: 12th Gozran 4711

Source: The Lonely Warrior
Objective: Help the Lonely Warrior find his rest by reconciling him with the brother he murdered.
Reward: Wuuthrad reforged (sorry, couldn’t resist)!
Status: You made peace between the two quarreling brothers and both have found their rest; in gratitude, the Lonely Warrior has restored the broken Wruuthrad to pristine condition.
Completed: 16th Desnus 4711

Source: Finland
Objective: Kill Hargulka Fire-Eater and rid the Green Belt of the troll menace.
Reward: Not having a voracious and murderous pack of trolls on the edge of your kingdom. Also, once the Swordlords of Restov heard about your feat, they send you 2500 gp as a personal reward and 6 BP worth of support for your kingdom.
Status: Hargulka won’t be bothering anyone ever again and the few remaining trolls have fled.
Completed 18th Arodus 4711

Source: Finland
Objective: Slay the ginormous fey owlbear rampaging towards Pilgrim’s Shore, preferably before it reaches the city.
Reward: Not becoming owlbear toejam and the adulation of your citizens.
Status: Interestingly enough, the destruction of the magical sigil on Talonquake transforms the ginormous pissed-off owlbear into a ginormous not-so-pissed tree. When you claim this hex, Talonquake counts as a Landmark.
Completed 23rd Arodus 4711

Source: Swordlords of Restov
Objective: Map and survey an area approximately seventy-two miles east and west by sixty miles south of Oleg’s Trading Post and deal with any major threats that would threaten the safety and security of the land.
Reward: A second charter granting founding rights.
Status: You finally got around to exploring those last three hexes in the northwest a year and a half after you already founded Finland.
Completed Calistril 4712

Source: The Old Beldame
Objective: Help Elga fulfill her centuries old pact to find the dryad spirit she harbors within a new home.
Reward: The return of Tiressia’s presence to the Green Belt makes the fey better disposed towards your citizens, increasing its Loyalty by 2.
Status: Elga has gone to her eternal rest and Tiressia now has a new tree.
Completed 23rd Abadius 4713

Source: The Nomen Centaurs
Objective: Return Skybolt, an ancestral relic, to the Nomen centaurs.
Reward: This proves to the centaurs that the spriggans plaguing them have been defeated and also earns the party an audience with Aecora Silverfire, the centaurs’ leader.
Status: The bow has been returned and tentative efforts at mutual diplomacy have been established; the centaurs are still very suspicious of two-leggers but they are at least willing to listen.
Completed 16th Gozran 4713

Source: Zzamas
Objective: Slay the xills that have driven Zzamas from her home.
Reward: A lost secret chest Zzamas found drifting in the Ether.
Status: The xills are dead and Zzamas is back to lurking creepily in the Ethereal, ready to ambush unsuspecting bags of blood and sucking them dry.
Completed 26th Gozran 4713

Source: Varnhold
Objective: Explore Varnhold and learn the truth of what befell its citizens.
Reward: Varnhold has joined Finland as a vassal state with Maraet Varn as the Viceroy.
Status: Most of the missing villagers have been found, the responsible party has been slain, and the dead buried. Now just comes the task of rebuilding. And re-scheduling the wedding.
Completed: 12th Erastus 4713

Source: Varnhold
Objective: Ensure that the citizens of Varnhold recover as much of their belongings as possible by not looting the town and returning any stolen items from the spriggans.
Reward: The resulting goodwill increases your reputation and boosts your Loyalty score by 1.
Status: Everything has been returned to the Varnholders (with the exception of the scrolls in the Church of Erastil) who are grateful and amazed.
Completed: 12th Erastus 4713

Source: Belimarius
Objective: Kill or somehow convince Crackjaw to move.
Reward: Access to the Gudrin River and the ability to settle that hex.
Status: The party sweet-talked Adalheid into charming Crackjaw and persuading the cranky old beast to move into the swamps on the other side of Tuskwater Lake, where she promised there was an abundance of prey and cool mud. They now owe her a favor.
Completed: 24th Arodus 4713

Quest Log

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