restov.jpg Alignment CN
Size Large city
Population 18,670 (15,240 humans, 1,200 dwarves, 950 gnomes, 820 halflings, 240 half-elves, 130 elves, 70 other)
Government Autocracy (Lord Mayor)
Leader Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius

Nowhere is the Rostlandic spirit more alive than in the Free City of Restov. The city owes its allegiance to the Brevic Crown, and Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius must bend his knee before the Dragonscale Throne like any lord, but otherwise Restov belongs to no house, making it a haven for the lost glories of the Aldori Swordlords and those who look back to the old days before the coming of the Conqueror.
     Restov is both a city of refinement and rough-and-tumble manners, as only a colony can be in fondly recalling and imitating its motherland. The gentry of Restov consider themselves sophisticates, although a Taldan visitor would consider their ways quaint, and touched with no small amount of northern barbarism.
     The city is a bustling cultural center and trade hub along Brevoy’s southern border, serving as a gateway to the River Kingdoms, the Shrike River, and the Stolen Lands. One of its main exports is grain from the southern Rostland Plains— along with the fine ales and beers that can be brewed from it. Restov’s relative wealth supports no small number of idle and titled lordlings and merchants’ sons. They frequent the various Aldori and Taldan dueling schools, as well as the alehouses, and fight each other in street corner challenges at dawn and dusk. The schools, salons, and taprooms of Restov are hotbeds of rebellious talk against the reign of King Noleski Surtova, with young firebrands in search of a leader to rally them to the cause.


In Restov, ‘Swordlord’ has become a title that grants certain social and political privileges, but comes with a number of responsibilities as well. Swordlords attend functions at the Swordlords’ Hall; they can oversee duels, take on apprentices, vote (or stand) in elections, and own property. They also have a responsibility to defend the city in case of an attack, as well as providing training for the city garrison and oversee various security operations. The Greater Council of Swordlords, the one that sits in accordance with the Lord Mayor, is comprised of the heads of seven recognized dueling schools. Lesser Swordlords may be granted their rank by their schools or the Lord Mayor may honor particularly capable fighters and duelists as well as those who perform some sort of notable political or social service for the city.
     While citizens most often think of the Aldori style in the context of the Swordlords, there does exists a plethora of dueling styles being taught in Restov. Granted, most of these styles are not well represented, and are seen as either ‘minor schools’ or ‘foreign’ and thus not accorded the status given to the Aldori style, and to a lesser extent, the Taldan style. The most popular of of these ‘minor schools’ is the Modern style, which concentrates on forms and movements that complement using a rapier (singly or with a dagger) in a duel. It has gained some traction in recent years and has been petitioning the Greater Council for formal recognition. Given that this is as much a political contest as it is a martial one, it is likely that such recognition will be a while in coming.

Aldori Swordlord
Rondelero Duelist


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