State of the Nation


Capital: Pilgrim’s Shore (population 4,500)
Rulers: King Finneous the First and Queen Sofiya Medvyed
Government: Hereditary Monarchy
Alignment: Neutral Good
Religions: Abadar, Erastil, Gorum, Pharasma

finland_crest.jpg The kingdom of Finland was founded on the 2nd of Erastus 4710 AR and occupies the lush lands of the Green Belt from the hilly north shore of Tuskwater Lake to the fertile plains of South Rostland. Though young, the nation has already faced and overcame several grave tests, mostly notably in the form a bellicose troll king and a rampaging owlbear the size of a mansion. Its growing wealth and influence may soon make it into a power to be reckoned with.

Kingdom Attributes
Economy +66
Loyalty +56
Stability +70
Control DC: 56

Current Date: Kuthona 4713
Current Unrest: 0
Current Consumption: 38 BP
Current Income Generation: 14 BP
Current Treasury: 50 BP

Leadership Roster
King Finneous the First
Queen: Sofiya Medvyed
Councilor Jubal Hirsch
General Akiros Ismort
Grand Diplomat Johannes Bronsted
High Priest Pavel Papivanovich
Justicar Sergei Khavortorov
Magister Saeros Tsaritsyn
Marshal Iskra
Spymaster Rallo Botfree
Treasurer Declan Arnovksy
Warden Kesten Garess

Other Persons of Interest
Ambassador (Restov) Beltasar Havelock
Kingsguard Kundal
Liaison to the Fey Mikhail
Seneschal Belimarius

National Holidays
5th Pharast – Day of Bones (Pharasma)
2nd Erastus – Founder’s Day
Vernal Equinox – Harvest Feast (Erastil)
25th Kuthona – Snoggletog

Expansion: Standard (1 hex/turn)
Holidays: Quarterly (2 BP)
Taxation: Normal (Economy/3)

Miscellaneous Bonuses
Barghest Hunt: +2 Stability
An Old Promise: +2 Loyalty
Varnhold Treasure: +1 Loyalty
Boggard Family: +1 Stability
Location Bonus for Capital: +1 Stability, +1 Economy, +1 Loyalty
Sootscale Trade Agreement: +3 Economy

Pilgrim’s Shore (Capital)
Districts: 3
Settlement Improvements: Academy, Aviary, Baths, Brewery, Brickwork, Caster’s Tower, Castle, Dance Hall, Foundry, Granary, Graveyard, Herbalist, Inn (The Pickled Boar Inn), Jail, Mansion (Medvyed), Military Academy, Mill, Noble Villa (Varn), Park (Love Hammer Park), Shop, Shrine (Abadar), Smithy, Tannery, Temple (Pharasma), House x7, City Wall x3

Districts: 1
Settlement Improvements: Aviary, Barracks, Inn, Shop, Smithy, Stable, Stockyard, Tannery, Tavern, Windmill, House x4

Districts: 1
Settlement Improvements: Graveyard, Library, Monument, Orphanage, Park x2, Temple of the Elk (Erastil)

Districts: 1
Settlement Improvements: Baths, Brewery, Lumberyard, Mill, Park, Tannery, Tavern, House

Kingdom Worksheet
Kingdom Economic History
City Planning Worksheet

State of the Nation

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