treasure.jpg Gold and items earned throughout the campaign will be listed here. The list below is not meant to replace your character sheet, it’s just a record of cash, items and when we obtained them.

Notable Party Loot

Aegis of Recovery
Bag of Holding (a Type II and a Type IV)
Folding Boat
Helm of Comprehend Language and Read Magic
Rope of Climbing
Scroll of Raise Dead
Stone Salve (2 doses)
War Chariot (Medium)
Chime of Opening (10 uses)

Adventure Ledgers

As gold and items are disbursed each session, please add them to your character sheet. I will keep a record below for your reference with the most recent adventure at the top. See the individual session ledgers for details on the disposition of any item we obtained.

Session Sixty-two to Sixty-four, Draft

Session Fifty-Three through Sixty-One

  • Finn: 3787gp,2sp, +1 Heavy Mace, +3 Greatsword (Kerezar), Ring of Protection +2
  • Johannes: 16193gp, 2sp, +1 Adaptive Composite Longbow (Kerezar)
  • Pavel: 13463gp, 2sp, Hat of Disguise, Boots of the Winterlands, +1 Temple Sword (x2)
  • Rallo: 9943gp, 2sp, Goggles of Nightvision, Belt of Dexterity +2
  • Sofiya: 8443gp, 2sp, Phylachtery of Positive Channeling, Ring of Protection +2

Session Fourty-Eight through Fifty-Two

  • Fin: 3140.5gp, Wand of Dimension Door (3 charges)
  • Johannes: 1070.5gp, one VERY nice chest.
  • Pavel: 3570.5gp
  • Rallo: 3545.5gp, Vial: Oil of Disguise Self
  • Sofiya: 3570.5gp

Session Fourty-Four through Fourty-Seven

  • Fin: 189.5gp, Wand of Burning Hands (5th, 10 charges), Wand of Lightning Bolt (33 charges), Vial of Silversheen
  • Johannes: 4402gp
  • Pavel: 4052gp, SIlver Necklace and Bangles, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, 2 Smokesticks, 2 Thunderstones, Tanglefoot Bag
  • Rallo: 4402gp
  • Sofiya: 4402gp

Everyone also got a Floating Feather Feather Token.

Session Thirty-Nine to Fourty-Three: January, February and Early March

  • Fin: 2672gp
  • Johannes: 1672gp, Ring of Protection +1
  • Pavel: 2267gp, Stone of Continual Flame, Heart-Shaped Amethyst, Masterwork Pan Pipes
  • Rallo: 2672gp
  • Sofiya: 1172gp, Lesser Metamagic Rod of Extend Spell

There were also quite a few of Johannes’ father items that were returned to Johannes and weren’t counted among the treasure.

Session Thirty-Eight: 30-December-2015

  • Fin: -184gp, 5sp, Elemental Gem (water)
  • Johannes: 945gp
  • Pavel: -309gp, 5sp, Cloak of Elvenkind (later sold)
  • Rallo: 940gp, 5sp
  • Sofiya: 940gp, 5sp

Rallo purchased a Cloak of Resistance +1 from Pavel for 309gp, 5sp.
Johannes is holding a glass jar with a pickled sheep head, in case we run across a comely female giant suitable for Mungok.

Session Thirty-Seven: 03-Dec-2015

Johann is currently pondering the logistics of splitting a large, owl-bear-shaped tree 5 ways. No saleable goods generated by this session.

Session Thirty-two through Thirty-Six, Final. October-November 2015

  • Fin: 6602gp, 5sp, Gold Cameo, 3 bottles of fine wine, silver tankard, Cloak of Resistance +2, Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (from Pavel) and a few pieces of fine jewelry
  • Johannes: 3575gp, Iron Crown, Elixir, Potions and alchemical items as detailed on the PDF linked above.
  • Pavel: 2565gp, Dusty Rose Prism Ioun, Swarm-bane Clasp, Bracers of Armor +2, Exotic Wood Dragon Statue and alchemical items detailed above.
  • Rallo: 9375gp
  • Sofiya: 7900gp, Ring of Feather Fall

Session Twenty-Eight through Thirty-One, Final. August-September 2015

  • Fin: 1072gp, 5sp, Vial of Fine Perfume, Edible Mushrooms
  • Johannes: -837gp, 5sp, Zuddiger’s Picnic, Arnefax Figurine, Water Clock, Truffles
  • Pavel: 1172gp, 5sp
  • Rallo: 1172gp, 5sp
  • Sofiya: 877gp, 5sp, Bearskin Coverlet, 2 Royal and 3 Courtier’s Outfits

Totals do not include the sale of Efnysign’s newly-reforged Axe, which will happen after we contact Rallo’s ‘guy’ in Miven.

Session Twenty-Seven: 15-July-2015

  • Kingdom building. No saleable goods or currency were obtained during this session.

Session Twenty-One through Twenty-Six, Final. March-July 2015

  • Fin: 3342gp, 6sp, Red Silk Vest, Wand: Hold Person (11 charges)
  • Johannes: 1580gp, 1sp, Cloak of Resistance +2, Portable Alchemy lab and Objects d’art.
  • Pavel: 2557gp, 6sp, non-portable MW Appraisal Tools, Ring of Protection +1, (10) +1 Crossbow bolts.
  • Rallo: 3862gp, 6sp, Potion: Expeditious Retreat
  • Sofiya: 3837gp, 6sp, Rare children’s book: A is for Aboleth

There are also a number of party-owned items that we obtained. We’ll ascertain possession of these during Session 28.

Session Twenty: 4-March-2015

  • No saleable goods or currency were obtained during this session.

Session Nineteen: 18-February-2015

  • Fin: 367gp, 8sp, Mithril Chalice
  • Johannes: 792gp, 8sp, Scroll: Bears Endurance
  • Pavel: 866gp, 8sp, Sunrod
  • Rallo: 867gp, 8sp
  • Sofiya: 282gp, 8sp, +1 Heavy Shield

Session Eighteen: 4-February-2015

  • Almost all goods earned during this session were converted to 3BP worth of goods and added to the kingdom’s treasury. Items retained by the party are shown on the Session Nineteen ledger, above.

Session Seventeen: 21-January-2015

The Stone of Communal Airwalk provided by Ranulf is the property of the party and is held by Sofiya. Restitution for the death of settlers (50gp each) and their twelve sheep (8gp each) was paid from this session.

  • Fin: 1479gp, 1sp, Fine Blue Silk Gown, Potion: CMW
  • Johannes: 1619gp, 1sp, Collectable Iron Golem Figurine, Potion: CMW
  • Pavel: 1352gp, 1sp, Sunrod (x2), Potion: CMW, Gourd of Fire Burping, MW Manacles
  • Rallo: 1629gp, 1sp, Potion: CMW
  • Sofiya: 1379gp, 1sp, Everburning Torch, Potion: CMW, Wand of CLW (26 chgs), Stone of Communal Air Walk (party loot)

Session Sixteen: 7-January-2015

  • No saleable goods or currency were obtained during this session.

Earlier sessions can be found in the Ledger Archives.


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