Rise of Nations

Dear Johannes

A Springtime Visit

Dear Johannes,

Thank you for your many letters sharing your and Pavel’s adventures. Alas, I wish his triumphs at the soiree in Restov had gone more … smoothly. Never-the-less, your news speaks to Pavel becoming more comfortable with the people of this world, which brings me joy. I am pleased to hear of the destruction of so many foul undead spirits; blessings of Pharasma upon Pavel, you, and your comrades. May your lands carry no curse of unnatural unlife.

Both you and Pavel have been most tenacious in this idea of my relocation to your Finland. The Gronzi has been a comfortable home to me, but I have persuaded Gideon to at least visit the quaint corner of the Greenbelt you call home now. With luck we shall visit in the spring when travel is more pleasant.

With fondness,



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