Rise of Nations

Pavel's Epiphany

A letter to mother.

Greetings Mother

I hope all is well in the forest of Gronzi and that this letter finds you in good health and spirits.

Life here is much different than I imagined. The worries of the frontier are far removed from the court I grew up in. My worries were always which clothing to wear and the proper etiquette for dinner. Those who choose a life in the Green Belt are simple folk and the peril has removed all but life’s oldest purpose- tomorrow’s survival.

Entering this world safely or leaving it peacefully are not assured out here and these people have a need for the guidance of Pharasma beyond the intellectual curiosity I displayed as you taught me about her. I will bring the light of the Lady of Graves to this place.

It is time for me to set aside my grief and embrace this new, greater purpose. I still vow revenge upon the foul being who took my father from me, but his fate is not the only one I wish to touch in my travels. There is much good I can do here.

In this package, I have included my fine funeral tunic. Please store it away for I will have no further need of it until my time for Pharasma’s judgement comes. I will accept the Stolen Lands as my new home and the simple ways of these people as my own. There is no court in this place but one day, the name Papivanovich will be uttered here- not to address lord or master, but simply as a name associated with great deeds and benevolence.

My first task will be to create a simple shrine to Pharasma in the graveyard. I have enclosed some gold. Please send me the following materials if you can. I would like a dagger with Pharasma’s symbol and a copy of her tome: The Bones Land in a Spiral. The rest of the gold is for you, I will send more when I am able.

Sincerely, your son,


p.s. Johannes sends his kind, platonic regards.



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